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My name is Max Farjon born in Amsterdam in 1920.
This website contains information about a study that I undertook about intelligence.
My profession was aircraft engineer and I practiced that my entire working life.
I only started with this study in 2010, 27 years after my retirement.
This study has led to a new theory that explains exactly what intelligence is and how it works.  This is recorded in a written English book with the title WITHOUT HANDS NO INTELLIGENCE

I baptized my theory: Theory F.
The search for intelligence appears inextricably linked with the creation of human beings.
It was not the result of an examination of the functioning of the brain, but of how animals and people behave as a result of their intelligence as formulated below.
This leads to a new way of thinking that also includes human development.
The theory can be understood without scientific knowledge about the subject.
Central to this theory is the concept of manipulation, understood here as processing objects and material such as bending, cutting, shaping and moving.
I have found that one discovers the essence of intelligence, by watching how it originated in prehistoric times. I discovered that: 
Intelligence is the ability of the brain to create a new manipulation which is to the advantage of the manipulator.
In the final stage of human development, other abilities emerged that also belong to intelligent thinking.

Seeing my professional past, the theory misses the scientific environment for a successful birth of a new theory.
There is not enough time left in my life to build up such a condition.
That is why I decided to notify 50 scientists about the new theory. Those scientists were selected on their research objects with similarities to mine.
This occurred by sending them a printed book. The book is not yet for sale. But this will happen when the reactions of the scientific world are positive.
It is my belief that the new theory is so strong that it will root and outgrow in the scientific world to a new wisdom about the creation of mankind.

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