Emergence and growth of intelligence

I devised a theory about intelligence, named Theory F.

The basic idea for this theory is:

Intelligence is the ability of the brain to create a new manipulation which is to the advantage of the manipulator.

This ability was formed by a mutation in hereditary properties soon after the primeval cell or maybe all directly at the emergence there of.


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There was a limit on the degree of initial intelligence for inventing new manipulations. This is part of the intelligence Theory F.

Consider intelligence as a bottle containing manipulations. Manipulations that were developed through intelligence would be added, but once full, there was no longer any room for
new manipulations.


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A new mutation in inherited traits was needed to enlarge the bottle.

Following such a mutation, the creation of new manipulations could continue until either the manipulation power was exhausted or the bottle was full again.





Animals with a good power to manipulate could let grow their bottle larger than animals with little manipulate power. That is why a monkey is more intelligent than a cow, but a man more intelligent than a monkey.

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