Lately, I mentioned the human hand, as a result of which we have become so smart. But how did we get that hand?  

It is as follows:

Not all children inherit properties of their parents. One then says "they don't get all the genes of their parents".

Animal breeders are applying  this phenomenon by using offspring with a casual starter of a desired feature. If this is for example black ears, they keep selecting puppies with black in their ears and breed further only that way. Thus, after many generations, one succeeds to breed white dogs with black ears.

In free nature there is no one who selects in this way. Still there is a selection indeed, which is called: better survival. Nature "breeds" on better survivors.

A squirrel-like insectivore, which lived 60 million years ago, gradually went to live more in trees probably because he had less to fear of predators.

There " nature"  bred animals that could move as easy as possible through the canopies of the trees because that meant better survival. It gave them their limbs organs to grab and a ball hinge in their shoulder.

That process took 54 million years to complete but then those grabbing organs had developed into organs where the monkey could hold a bolder and use his arm as a sledgehammer to crack nuts with it. Therefore, the initial grabbing power turned out to be just as useful for very different purposes.

In a next phase, in one particular place in East Africa, the monkey was driven out of the tree because, by a natural phenomenon, the forest largely disappeared.

Mother nature also went again to work and "bred" animals that walked on two legs which enabled them to run away fast from predators. His menu of leaves and fruits changed to marrow and brain of dead animals. He became a scavenger and developed skills to crack bones and skulls of dead ungulates with boulders in order to obtain protein rich food.

That gave him an opposable thumb, a thumb that allowed him to apply the baseball grip and that is the hallmark of the human hand. He could aim the boulder better when hitting bone or skull.

This human hand was able to create cutting tools from cobblestones and that was the beginning of the technical man, a development that continues until this day and will continue to go.

© Max Farjon 2017