Creating a new manipulation

A chimpanzee discovers a bee nest in a tree cavity and wants to snack from the honey. On previous experiences he had discovered that behind holes with in- en out flying bees, honey is present.

In a few cases his finger was long enough to reach the honey.  He tries again with his finger but this time that is too short, the honey is further away than the previous cases. 

His desire brings him to the next brain work. 

He is able to deform the image of his finger in the hole to one where his finger is extended with a stick. That is an intelligent thought that does not come to mind for a deer or horse because they do not have the means to handle a stick.

The Chimp does, he now knows how he should proceed: he breaks a branch from the tree and pokes in the cavity and extracts the honey.  It seems very obvious, but remember that we see here the wonderful consistency that the hands offer the brain to devise this manipulation. In a previous version you saw how those hands became ever more capable. This allowed the brain to come up with more and more  and we kept getting smarter all the time.

Col 8