Habitat and manipulation power 

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All animals have a certain manipulation power: a cow very little, a chimp quite a lot, but man is virtually unlimited.

Theory F says that intelligence is the ability of the brain to devise new manipulations with an advantage.

A man can do this better than a chimp and a chimp better than a cow. A cow and chimp live in a limited life space or habitat with a measurable amount of resources with which manipulations can be figured out.

All those resources have once been utilized by their intelligence to become the animal that they are now.

They can’t utilize their intelligence any further because there is nothing more to express their intelligence.

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Only the animal: man has his world created with an unlimited habitat. He can and must use his intelligence every day. He can also still create new manipulations.

If a chimp enters the human world he also comes into that immense habitat. He is again in a position to devise new manipulations with his intelligence.

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