An ancestor of mine signed up in 1703 at the Walloon Church in Amsterdam. He fled from France because he was a follower of Calvin which preached a faith that deviated from the Roman teachings. These Calvinists were allowed to openly profess their faith for a while until in 1685 a King declared these followers as outlaws. They had to convert to the mother church or abandon their place in society. This is what happened then to what we now consider customary, flee to rescue the mortal body.

Through the times people are persecuted for their beliefs. Multitudes of people left house and home, but through all the centuries they have always found a safe haven.

But now the General slogan is in vogue: own country first. 

Whether you hear Trump with "America First", May (English premier) with "Brexit", the Eastern European States who refuse to adopt refugees, the populist parties which put the interest of own people in the first place: it all comes from the same feeling: me, only me and the rest get lost.

It starts to be decent to find this a natural behavior.

But that is not the case of course.

If a house is on fire, you are ready to supply fleeing residents shelter and needs.

Angela Merkel dared to join it as the only one in Europe. She spoke "wir machen das", she was still inspired by the idea that as a civilized human you should help a man in need and not let him down.

People who refuse to provide assistance, defend their position with not all refugees find themselves really in need, they are only there out to benefit from our hard-won prosperity

I believe that we still have a duty to help people in real need, that we not escape from that duty by the chaff that is among the wheat. That we need to make an effort to separate the chaff, not allow ourselves to be tempted to let the wheat suffer because of the chaff.

Do not be tempted to run with the me only me-callers, because you are quite willing to help people really in need.

© Max Farjon 2017