The robot has invaded our life unnoticed. The dishwasher and the washing machine have taken over from us the hand-washing of our dirty underpants. There are robots that assemble cars and TVs.  

But those are still robots that follow a premeditated program. They can only perform one set of premeditated acts and nothing else.

But there are also robots that can think, that is to say that depending on the situation where they end up, there follow actions that take into account the situation.  

Think of the self-managing car. That responds to a pedestrian crossing suddenly or an inhibiting vehicle ahead.

But also those figments of the imagination are still created in advance by the designers of the self-managing car.

People can continuously build better robots, and sometimes you hear a fear that they at one point will pass us and make us superfluous.

I think for the time being, this will not happen because they would have to be able to reproduce themselves.  Because even though they are made of more resistant material than bones and muscles, they will at some stage become worn.

I still don’t see robots descending to the mines to mine ore in order to make metal for making new robots.

Also, I do not see them generating electricity to supply themselves with energy.

But what I do see happening is that machines will be necessary to make our own progress to more thinking power possible. 

In my theory about intelligence, intelligence of humanity grows, in the future we will therefore still be smarter than we already are.

This is confirmed by a scholar named Flynn. He has analyzed the IQ tests over 100 years and found that the current man scores a few points higher than 100 years ago. Yet growth will come to an end at some stage, but I expect that then machines will help us to keep the growth going on.

© Max Farjon 2017