This time, I want to talk about the most common attributes that human beings have: hands.  

We do not dwell on it, but hands are the most miraculous manipulators in living nature.

Our hands can split a trunk with an axe but also stick a thread through the eye of a needle very delicately. Nowhere in nature do you find an animal that comes even near what our hands can perform.

Now I'm going to tell you something that is even more wonderful: we can thank that wonderful ability of manipulating that we became human.

That began about 60 million years ago when a squirrel-like insectivore chose an existence in trees. He only had a small brain and little manipulating power.  He developed holding devices to his limbs so that he could go through the canopies of the trees easier. But those grabbing organs, i.e. hands, appeared to make life easier because his brain realized that he could also pick leaves and fruits with it which were too far away to bite . That was the beginning of a development in which those hands could establish ever more versatile manipulations and thus enabled the brain to invent those. Keep in mind that that brain cannot invent more than the hands can perform.


And therein lies the secret of our origin. The hands determined how smart we became. The brain could think of more and more difficult techniques because the hands could perform those. That brain thereby grew in size. So we became the smartest animal on earth, thanks to our hands.  

As a result, we were able to create a society that surpasses everything what animals have shaped.  

Now you have been acquainted with an explanation of our origin . In the last few years I have figured that out.

This science is not yet taught in school, but I expect it to happen some day. 


© Max Farjon 2017