The world around us is composed of substances and material that we can distinguish in the so-called "dead matter" on the one hand and “ living nature”  on the other.

For example, the clinkers on which we walk belong to the first, also the water all around us, but also the table where we sit on or the car we drive. They're dead, they don't move out themselves.

But there is also a lot of living nature. We are a part of themselves, but also the grass in the meadow, the trees around us. They grow, they move. Both the dead as the living nature is made up of molecules, which in their turn consists of atoms. Many of you have learned that in school.  For those who have not experienced it:

If you imaginary  cut an object into ever smaller pieces you would will find yourself with a particle that is no further cuttable, that is the molecule. It's just a millionth of a millimeter in size.

It has been discovered that a molecule  is a chemical compound of atoms. A chemical bond is an attraction force between two or more atoms.

Some substances are one kind of atom: e.g. silver, gold, copper. But most materials consist of molecules that consist of a chemical compound of multiple atoms.

There are around 100 types of atoms: from very small: hydrogen (a gas) to very large: uranium (metal for nuclear bombs and nuclear power stations).

One calls these types of atoms: elements. Some elements enter very easily into connections with other elements, such as oxygen (a gas) connects very easily with iron, the familiar red stuff of dust that we call rust.

Other elements do that very difficult or not at all. Gold is one of them.

It would be right to say that the living nature could only be achieved by a wide variety of building materials, like molecules. Look to your own body and think from how many different substances that is built up.

That variety is so enormous that that could not arise  the material formation described just now were it not for the fact that there  exists one element with the name carbon. Yes indeed, that black stuff, with which you write if you have a pencil. I quote from WIKI:

Carbon goes easy connections with many other atoms. They can that as only one among the atoms because they have a building which is particularly easy to compound with other atoms. There are about 10 million carbon compounds known.  Carbon compounds form the basis of all life on Earth.

In the Interior of a star there happens, under influence of the enormous pressure and very high temperature, nuclear reactions which forms helium from hydrogen, and then from helium carbon, and then out carbon even heavier elements. In this way inside a star are created the most diverse elements.   So the basis for life on Earth was laid in the Interior of stars. Keep in mind that this basis, was a purely random event. I mean the millions binding capacity.  

Our star is called Sun.

© Max Farjon 2017