I wrote about our shop in our small community where ham is cut while you wait. But in a village nearby, there is also a place where time has stood still, a drugstore.  

You can’t pay by card there, everything is even added up by hand. I ended up there whilst looking for a supplier of the ingredients for the health paste I have been eating every morning for 40 years and which, I tell everyone, by eating it you will live to become 100 years old.

She, a woman is in charge there, said that she had one kind in stock and the rest she would order. So I am now a regular customer because of that 100 years.

That shop still breathes the atmosphere of the past. With its glass flasks and polished lids.

On the counter is a neat pile of blank square papers on which the adding is done with a pencil. At the end of the day she can still see the turnover.

An older person, like me, is undergoing this as a blessing because you experience something of the past that seemed gone for good and now suddenly still exists.

The younger generation will find this ridiculous and entirely outdated, they run along in the daily rat race where you excel when you master the latest trends.  

Now it's got to the stage that there is something new to get to know almost every day. Do you know what to vlogg is?  No? Then you are not up to date, you are not with it anymore.

So far we have arrived in a situation where there is never rest, always worry about being able to talk about the latest news. Always busy with your  phone if you sit still somewhere. Always those thumbs playing your screen everywhere you go or stand.

Viewed from outside those rat racers don’t look like they are at ease but I think that this is a new lifestyle and in doing so they feel perfectly happy.

The developments are now moving so fast that a large part of us no longer keeps track and look bewildered and sometimes angry, at those racers who are busy building an incomprehensible world.

© Max Farjon 2018