When reflecting on the human body the head, genitals, breasts and legs usually get the most attention.

In fact, the hands should be at the top, for they were the cause of us appearing here on Earth.  

But not only that, it is also the incredible skill with which hands can manipulate objects and material. Look at your hands as you tighten your shoelaces. See how 27 bones and 21 muscles establish that. They are beautifully enclosed by skin and form together a graceful appearance.  

If you have an eye for it, you can enjoy how the fingers of a violinist operates the bow and lets his fingers dance over the strings.

From whichever angle you also look at a hand, it's the same pleasure as at the sight of a Van Gogh or Rembrandt.

The difference is that you rarely see their paintings.  

If you would see Van Gogh's just as often as hands then the admiration would disappear. But the amenity of hands is not any less for it.

This is an extension of a column about hands that you previously received to read. Namely that the hands offered our intelligence the opportunity to devise increasingly more complicated manipulations because hands became able to accomplish these. That becoming more able arose because the existence of trees brought them increasingly more skill.

It is the case with everyday things that we experience them as matter of course, you can also not keep saying Ah and oh the whole day. But be aware that our hands are true wonders.

I believe that in education one should bring to life that awareness. It should be shown with examples of hands in action.

Also one should start teaching the anatomy of hand and arm. We know quite a lot about van Gogh and heart valves but know nothing at all about our innate miraculous manipulating organ.

© Max Farjon 2018