I posit a theory in the book WITHOUT HANDS NO INTELLIGENCE how intelligence has emerged and how it works. As support for the reasons for that theory I have figured schedules that represent the functioning of the intelligence Visual. 

These schedules are not included in the book but on the website www.withouthandsnointelligence.nl under the title extension. Each schema has a number preceded with Ext.

Thesel schedules have all the same basic model and this can be seen in ext. 9 that I show here:

Col 22 Brainplaatje

I show how, generally, and according to Theory F, things happen in a human head as he invents something new.

It starts at the top with perceiving the environment by observation organ, in this case the eyes. It ends with the expression organ.  Beginning and end are so physical actions of the body. In between happens thinking that transfers the observation in something that previously was not there and is announced to congeners by publications and speech.

How the thinking in this model takes place can be read in Extensions 1 to 11, 15 to 18 and Ext. 28. be found on the above website.   

This column is replacing the column "Formely".

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