I was talking about a new law for animals, viz the

ability of the brain to create a new manipulation that is to the advantage of the manipulator.

I should explain that a bit further. That law is mainly about animals in the phase that they evolved to higher animal species. Thus fish to ape and ape to man.  

It was because of this characteristic that animals with more power to manipulate (e.g. monkey) progressed further than animals who could do that less well (e.g. cow).

It is also not a question that an animal at one point thought: I'm going to invent a new manipulation today. He had not the faintest idea about it.  

No, it went like this: he ended up in a situation that prompted him to do so. Think of that ancestor of a monkey that developed grabbing organs on his limbs.

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He bit the fruit from the tree and when there were a few too far away he used the grabbing organs to pick those fruits. Hands cannot think. His brain told him to do that picking, a new manipulation with advantage had been created thanks to that law.

In the same way the monkey knew there was honey in a hole where bees fly in and out. One time his finger was too short. His brain came up with a stick to extend his finger and hey, he pulled out the honey. A new manipulation with advantage was born by the situation in which he was.

In that way he added new manipulations to his memory and increased his intelligence.


© Max Farjon 2017