For years, with special receiving equipment, there has been systematic listening to signals which may indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life.

So far there have been no results and I think the chance of such a signal is very small. Looking back how man was created according Theorty F then one can write down a number of crucial events in prehistoric times that have been decisive.  

  1. 1. In 60 Ma, the choice of a squirrel-like animal to live in the trees brought the formation of grabbing organs that also turned out to be excellent manipulators. If this had not happened then the killer whales and dolphins, for example, would have been the most intelligent creatures on Earth.  
  1. 2. Return to ground level existence in 6 Ma due to a geological phenomenon. If this had not happened the Chimp would have been the most intelligent animal on Earth. This phenomenon made us two-legged and brought us to carving stone tools and ultimately to our highly developed technical society.


  1. 3. The long coastline of Europe that brought us to ocean shipping. Shipping that enabled us to master the world and brought the technique to staggering performances. If that hadn't happened we would have stuck at the level of the Greek, Roman or Chinese civilization.  

These 3 events were completely by chance and by the many exo-planets, with earthy properties, ours was the only one where apparently those coincidences happened after each other in the right place and the right time and led to a civilization which, amongst other things, devised wireless connections.

The 3 random events whereby man originated shouldn't be the deciding factor for the development of, for example, completely different intelligent beings in the universe.

But it's fair to say that a number of random events in the correct order and at the right time are required.

Because there is nothing nor anyone who controls the evolution to an intelligent being.  

It can be said that even after a discovery of multiple earthy exoplanets there has to be a second very difficult hurdle taken before we can greet a second intelligent civilization next to ours.


Until now, a few thousand exoplanets have been discovered including 5 with possible earthly conditions (REf.

Tentative  conclusion: we are alone in the universe.


© Max Farjon 2018