Recently I talked about water that was such a special substance because of all known planets, only on our Earth is it in such abundance present and moreover indispensable for living organisms.

But there is something else for which the same is true and that is air. That also makes life, as we know it, possible. And that's because of the oxygen that is in it.  

Air is a mixture with the greatest bulk of nitrogen, a neutral gas that as gas is not important to us, as well as a little carbon dioxide, of which at the moment there is too much of because it warms up the Earth.  That oxygen exists for a fifth part from what we call air. With every breath our lungs we extract a bit of that gas to give to the blood. Because oxygen provides, along with the nutrients from our gut, the energy to walk, to lift and everything for which muscle work is needed.

What the engine is for a car are the muscles for the man, they both run on fuel for which oxygen is required.

Oxygen is not present in the air from the outset.  

The age of the Earth is estimated at 4.5 billion years, which is 4, 5 x 1 with nine zeros. Only about halfway there did oxygen begin to arise because plants which secreted oxygen appeared. And thus the current nature was born where plants secrete oxygen and animals breathe oxygen in order to exist. You see how beautifully that is all settled.

But air is also indispensable in order for people to be able to talk to each other.

Without air it is inconceivable how we had built up with each other our peoples society. After all we produce sounds that have a meaning for our fellow man. We can exchange plans, express our feelings, enjoy music.

But if you think a bit further then we were able to discover the world thanks to the air and make it a world-wide habitat. Because this air blew the ship of Columbus to what he then thought to be India but appeared to be a new continent. The sail opened the world for us. And that same air now connects the world with airplanes.

Air? You can't see it but we cannot miss it.

© Max Farjon 2018