In Chapter 2 of my book you can read:

Quite distinct from what has been said so far, it appears that in the literature, the concept of the "embodied mind" is a known concept. It is described already in 2005 by Shaun Gallagher. The new term expresses that, what happens in the brain, in whole or in part is determined by the body. I will not go into how one has made this connection but I note that my theory resulted in the same conclusion .

That last one I'm going to explain further.
(moreover in Netherlands negotiations on this subject are leaving this denotation untranslated). 
The theory that is described in my book is about how intelligence emerged and how it works. This theory is based on the basic thesis that reads as follows: intelligence is the ability of the brain to invent a new manipulation that brings advantage to the manipulator.
This statement implies that coming up with new manipulations has a limit. After all if the intelligence invents a manipulation that the animal cannot perform then that idea doesn't make any sense. In this way the body determines what the mind can conceive.
For an ungulate it is very little because he can only scrape away snow to reach grass, licking his newborn young, emit a sound to attract attention and chase away flies with his tail but not much more.  
The body of the animal determines that its ability to invent new manipulations is very little. At least compared with other animals and especially the human who because of his hands and vocal cords has a virtually unlimited ability to manipulate and is by this very intelligent.  
It's actually also logical that the body has that role because the imagination to novelties has only meaning if the body is able to perform those.
To the spirit, there is a certain superiority allotted to the body. Indeed, the spirit arrives at reflections about good and evil, joy and sorrow, the spirit arouses feelings of preference, love and hate, and creation of art in all sorts of guises as possible. But if one considers each of these expressions of the spirit then it appears that also here the body is an indispensable component in order to achieve those expressions.
That is where one comes behind by thinking away the hands and then consider how one can realize these expressions.
For example if one will be good to a fellow human then it happens by donating goods or giving preferential treatment. Both are established by switching on the body. Respectively with hands and vocal cords.
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