Extension 3 – Expansion of the brain model


The model launched in extension 1 makes it  imaginable  how stimuli from the outside world incite an animal to a manipulation. 

That model is extended with an intelligence ribbon that is in contact with the arsenal ribbon at the left side over the whole length. Remember the arsenal ribbon as a jetty, set up schematically vertical, where PCB’s  are moored transversely like boats. 

The intelligence ribbon represents the brain mass in which the power for intelligence, according to the creatio's, dwells. It is a schematic representation, in reality it is a three dimensional brain structure.

You must conceive the extension of the model as a step in understanding the model. All animals had a degree of intelligence from the primeval cell on but those were used to develop to the final form in which they find themselves (thus Figure 2 of Extension 1 should have exhibited also an intelligence ribbon)

A mutation that created a greater intelligence could only be used if the habitat changed and that happened when 60 Ma ago a small insectivore realigned his life area from the ground floor to trees. That caused the development of hands and could intelligence be used again. The model shows the image of that situation

In the caption for the picture it is shown with an example how it works. The new intelligence ribbon is probably strongly interwoven with the arsenal ribbon that I presented in extension 1. Because it has also to scan the stored manipulations to be able to make a choice.

But unlike in the previous chapter, the intelligence ribbon in the arsenal is able to assign a well-known manipulation another application that provides an advantage. This is one of the essential characteristics of the intelligence: apply a well-known manipulation in an different situation whereby a new manipulation occurs, say: is invented.

This intelligence was caused by a mutation in hereditary characteristics and thus is hereditary. Later another way of emergence of intelligence will be presented, hence this kind is called "inherited-intelligence"

We must not rule out that a new technique was invented on multiple places in a population, also that a new technique got lost on certain locations. So the intelligence had to be applied again to invent a new that technique. 

But slowly but surely a new technique penetrated in the whole population.