Extension 5- Scheme for Creatio abstract


Creatio abstract is schematically presented in Figure 6, the brain model (henceforth called intelligence model)

The special feature here is that two temporary image plates (green in the figure), are  docked to the manipulation ribbon. The first is the observed image and the second the same image but now deformed by the intelligence ribbon. That last picture makes it clear which new manipulation is required. 

This new manipulation is laid to the arsenal ribbon in the form of a PCB and gets a nameplate with the sitcode "honey in tree cavity". The arsenal is increased by one. At a next time this manipulation is readily available. Congeners  and offspring who learn this technique from him, need not to invent this technique but need their intelligence for that learning as explained in paragraph e  following later.

With abstract thinking making in your head an imagination starting from a  known situation and  transferring  same to one   from which a satisfaction  of a need was obtained  there emerged a system that operated autonomously . The first system Creatio plus continued to exist of course.   

This ability to think abstractly meant a novum in the animal world. Again a great leap in the ability to exploit the intelligence because unlike in Creatio plus, which uses an existing manipulation, the new manipulation was born within the head by pure imagination. 

His brain worked autonomously. The products of that abstract thinking again  resulted in new manipulations, read: better techniques and still more prosperity.

What is special is also that the image plates have no further use and will not transferred to the following generation.

 In Fig. 6 an occurrence has been described where in a population

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Figure 6 Scheme of Creatio Abstract

It shows the operation of Creatio Abstract. Sitcode 2831 imagines a hand that cannot reach honey in a cavity. Here  an arbitrary 4-digit number like sitcode is used to display an encoded observed situation

Part I presents the creation of a new manipulation. In order to distinguish from the black printed boards for manipulations the image plates are colored green. Red dotted lines always represent newly created manipulations, in this case so ®.

Part ІІ shows that at a repeated find of honey the saved manipulation instantly comes into operation.


Record image, earmarked with pincode 2831


Same image but deformed now by Creatio Abstract, the finger is extended by a stick


The manipulation dip with a stick in the honey and lick, which the distortion has produced, is stored on printed board with  sitcode 2831

It can also run differently as with Archimedes who discovered a new law of nature. When Archimedes lived the time had  not yet come to create a new manipulation with an advantage with it. And also at present times new laws or explanations of natural phenomena are discovered, as a result of scientific research, which culminate only later in a new manipulation with advantage. That information is stored on an image plate  instead of a PCB. Often that information, in present times, is so extensive. that storage occurs in reports and books and is the image plate disk merely the knowledge that a more detailed description is available in the literature.