Extension 8- Scheme for grow of intelligence

Here you see a schematic representation how the intelligence grew by a mutation in hereditary properties.


Extensie 8 plaatje

Figure 9 Scheme for growth of intelligence
In this scheme you recognize the presentations of previous extensions.
Here an arbitrary 4-digit number like sitcode is used to display an encoded observed situation.
At PCB 2456 the maximum for the inheritance-intelligence 1 has been reached. Now it is waiting for an extension of the intelligence ribbon by a mutation in hereditary properties.
If that happens there will be a longer ribbon with length inherited intelligence 2 and it allows continuation of the formation of new manipulations.
You will also see that the number of manipulations devised is a measure for the length of the intelligence -ribbon. The symbol for that size is N (of "Number"). In this example is for intelligence 1: N = 14.(14 stripes that represent PCB’s)

This schedule makes once again clear again that the evolutionary growth of the intelligence is facilitated by the ability to manipulate.

Thus by the development of the body that at the timeline-animals elapsed so conveniently.
First through the tree- existence and later by an enforced bipedalism (the latter anticipates of Chapter 7 where bipedalism is described)..