Extension 9 - The scheme for Creatio trial-and-hype

In paragraph (5d) I described the genesis of Creatio trial-and –hype. Now, after the introduction of the concept of Soul, I can now introduce  a scheme how this Creatio operates.

I think the initiation of this creatio did not only come into being by a sitcode (picture of youngster who used wrong stone). The determination that he was getting it wrong came out of the  Soul of the teacher. His  Soul was responsible for uttering the cry that had to support the body gesture, his  Soul was moved by the image and then that desire arose to utter a cry. That desire entered the arsenal ribbon, found no match and the intelligence caught on trying.

The  Soul can also stop a sitcode a chicken with a full crop does not scratch backward but the  Soul can  also transform a sitcode into a demand. This is a first appearance of the Soul, in that sense, there will be more to come.

It also means that in the intelligence model the  Soul should be added as a controlling and activating organ. It is in added Figure 13 as a station where all sitcodes must pass (symbol: half square with half circle on each other). So It can stop sitcodes as described above but also initiate a sitcode also as discussed above.

It is now also the time to add yet an organ to the intelligence model: the expression organ. In fact, it is part of the motorial  centre sends commands for manipulations to the muscles but this organ sends specific commands to muscles which perform body- and air manipulations.

Everything is shown schematically in fig. 13

Extensie 9 plaatje

Figure 13 How Creation trial-and- hype operates

First an explanation of an extension of the model: You will see the well-known model that in the Extensions 1 and 3 is used as a schedule for applying a manipulation and operation of intelligence. 

This model is extended with the new organ: the Soul.

The Soul, in the shape of an upright rectangle with rounded top. It sits between the encoding organ and arsenal ribbon.

The  Soul of the sender formulates a demand, that represents a message for the intended recipient. It has the intention to manipulate the  Soul of a congener, namely that this congener will comply with his demand.

The demand operates as a sitcode, it activates the PCB’s with words and/or gestures that express that demand.  

The  Soul of the teacher transforms a sitcode into a demand: he calls out, for the first time, a cry to support his gesture for a correction . All the time another cry, also at other teachers. 

But in the end there was one which became a hype. Which got a foothold in the population that was z. In another population another cry could become hype.