Extension 15- Scheme calculating 3 plus 4

Extensie 15 plaatje

Figure 29. Scheme calculating 3 plus 4
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sitcode 3 + 4 enters the arsenal-ribbon and finds no match. Then the intelligence-ribbon brings the code to him. He applies Distinctio count (reference 8c), namely counting after 3, 4 times further and that delivers 7 as outcome. That outcome is recorded on a mathematics board and gets as address “3 + 4” . see section 8 d for understanding mathematica board This mathematics board is colored yellow as contrast to the black of the manipulation plates
Roman ІІ
If the same code returns later there is a match and the expression body is validated without involving intelligence. Meanwhile more mathematics boards are added.











With the introduction of the mathematics board and an expression body next to the motorial centre, there is a new system added to the intelligence model.

So far there existed as memory storage only manipulations that had come into being by creatio's.

The new system is established by a new intelligence power: the distinctio's. 

They also create memory plates as the PCB there is one of them but they do not control the  muscles but are available to serve as a building block for more complex calculations such as will appear in extension 17.

The mathematics board introduced here is a memory plate and is in addition to the PCB’s for manipulations "moored" to the arsenal ribbon. It is important to emphasize this because thereby he causes an effect similar to that of the manipulations: that is, the intelligence ribbon will grow likewise due to the increase in mathematics  boards