Extension 16- Scheme arising and applying of a science board

Extensie 16 plaatje

Figure 31 The origination and application of a science board.
























A scientist invents a new law for a physical phenomenon. This was a result of Creatio abstract "on term". Hereby there is, whether or not, made use of mathematica boards. The law is recorded on a science board. 

There came a time when this storage in the head exceeded the ability to this end and they went over  to external science boards. Those are the reports and publications. After the invention of penmanship,  initially by hand, later by the printing and later again in books and on internet.

Inventing new manipulations could also happen completely separated from the inventor.

The engineer, who has learned this law through media or during his training, applies this law for inventing a new manipulation that offers advantage to humanity. He will usually not perform that manipulation himself but captures his devised manipulation in a drawing or specifications. But there will arise one or more new manipulations.