Extension 17- Calculating in steps

Extensieon 17 p1

Extension 17p2

Figure 32 Calculating in steps

You see how a calculator in the long division addresses all the time at every step an (existing) mathematica board.

Each step is listed and at the next step a new task is sent as a new sitcode to the arsenal ribbon. The latter happens in the head of the calculator.

Here he is ready for 4 x 3, his observation  organ records this: directs a sitcode  4 x 3 into the arsenal ribbon, finds a match with outcome: 12.

Then he adds to it the outcome of 4x60 = 240 (according the same procedure, a little experienced calculator does the calculation of 252 out of his head). The Mind keeps the process running, which desires a solution to the division of 1517 by 63.

Most people need this splitting in steps because they are unable to store the steps in their head and to carry out operations there.

To run the calculation there is no intelligence  needed, it is following a recipe.