Extension 18- Schematic Creatio organization

The operation of this creatio can be represented by the intelligence model, for example: In a society an habit emerged that citizens borrowed money among each other against a certain fee.

At one of them the idea arose to devise a general system for this. This desire traveled into his arsenal ribbon  and his Creatio organization created the principle: of a central pot that which was filled with money from savers and from which money can be borrowed.

For that principle a memory board was built at the initiator . That idea was then developed into an organization through Creatio memory plate this is able to perfect a new built memory plate. This was this the beginning of a bank. An organization that is at the service of all citizens and which makes the lives of all citizens more comfortable  and care free.

Extensie 18 plaatje

Figure 33 Operation Creatio organization
The Soul expresses a desire for a joint action on the basis of the emergence of a spontaneous habit, for example seniors provide teaching to children. That desire travels into the arsenal ribbon, does not find a match. There upon the intelligence ribbon intervenes and devises a principle: bring children together on central point and have them taught by one teacher. This principle can now be worked out to an organization. The memory board is extended by Creation memory plate. This may not all be stored in the head and that happens so by expression organ (hand) on paper. Through the observation organ, the content of the paper again enters the arsenal ribbon where upon by Creatio memory board another piece is added that also appears in the paper edition. The hand is as it were the printer of the brain.









In the model of Figure 33 this is represented schematically. It describes the contents of the memory board revealed by the expression body. That is, in spoken and written language. The latter also serves to describe the organization because that soon becomes too extensive to be recorded on a memory board (read in memory). The growth of the memory board came into being on paper and later in computer files.

These papers extended themselves to rules for saving and borrowing money and so also the man who had to extend his mortgage, build memory boards of multiple bank organizations and choose the most favorable form of borrowing from for him.