Extension 23- Sources figures Timeline, figure 3 in chapter 3

The contents of the table is only in Dutch language available

This extension displays the sources of the data in the 13 columns of the timeline.

Reporting per column of the timeline, from top to bottom but here horizontally from left to right. 

The timeline contains many imported illustrations. The first two columns are also used to show that the copyrights of these illustrations are respected.

These columns start with the naming of the source, then follows the sign © copyright symbol, and behind it is the indication how the permission for use in this book is realized.

If it's a takeover from wikipedia, this consists of a code that described in the Licensing conditions of wikipedia.

For other resources, you will find: ext. 29-and a number.

Extension 29 contains the collection of correspondences that has bee conducted with cr-holders to obtain copy wright. The number behind the cr-symbol refers to a sequence number in the extension. 

Extensions include texts and tables that were needed to write the book but are not necessary for the reader to follow the content of the book. They are not a part of the book, they can be consulted on


Notes, to be found in the table in the red numbers followed with a parenthesis:

1) Apply only to two-leggers and then measured from crown to sole, if two numbers separated by a dash then the first applies to woman and the second to man.

2) SNHM = acronym for Smithsonian Natural History Museum

3)is not used. 

4) There are 4 subspecies for Proconsul: P. africanus, P. heseloni,  P. major and P. nyanzae, they are all derived from fossils found in Kenya and have an age between 17 and 20 Ma. P. heseloni is listed here because the most complete data are known.

5) The difference in body weight between men and women in primates is often significantly.When mentioning (starting from No. 3) of two values they apply respectively for woman and man, at mentioning of one value  the dash indicates for which sex it applies (so -56 means that only a man's weight is known). The bar chart mentions the weight of the man.

6) This animal could not suspend from a branch as descendants (later in the evolution) could. The numbers 1.2 and 3 spent in trees only on top of a branche, starting from Nr. 5 on  they would move  also through  the canopies underneath branches by developing the shoulder joint to a ball pivot.

7) Not known, only skull  as fossil is found

8) Arrow between numbers indicates that the volume grew from low to high within the allotted time period

9) the third addition is here introduced in order to lay down in the naming a fundamental important extension of intellectual abilities: artifex = artist, scriptor = writer

10)  not used

11) These values arise from one source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?Db=gene&Cmd=DetailsSearch&Term=553143. However for species 12 failed the value for weight. This is therefore omitted because other sources may use different methodologies and produce values that are not comparable with the rest. This column is not an

12) This colom does not pertain to an animal but to the traces left by Humanoids.

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