Extension 28- Operation of growth-intelligence

Extension 28 plaatje

Figure 43 Operation of growth-intelligence
Approx. 0,4 Ma ago there emerged a one-time single mutation in hereditary characteristics. This property meant that by adding of a new ability plus the intelligence ribbon grew with some positions. From that moment on the intelligence grew every time a memory plate with a new ability plus was added. see index in the back for meaning of ability plus
This was a self governing growth of intelligence but does depend on the ability to add new ability plusses. The figure is a brother of Figure 9 (in extension 8). That gives schematics how intelligence grew since 60 Ma ago
This new scheme brought man on the current level of intelligence. By Darwinian evolution alone this would not have happened.
His intelligence at maturity than exists for the 0.7 from hereditary-and for the rest from growth-intelligence. A big part of our intelligence arises only after our birth.
During the growth to maturity a child passes through the same cycle but then by learning the abiliy plusses.