without Hands no Intelligence

A research has been accomplished about behaviour of chimpanzees observed in the wild. It appears possible, with the theory, to explain the origin of this behavior. Because of this the theory becomes very plausible.

The development of spoken language is explained with the help of the theory F because the vocal cords are also manipulators. They are the attributes that cause air to vibrate which has a meaning for a hearer. This made the development of language a cause of intelligence growth.

In the last stage of the incarnation other operations such as arithmetic and performing of science emerged, in addition to manipulations. They filled the arsenal and helped the intelligence grow. During the research on intelligence, science has discovered that within a human, after his birth, his innate intelligence during growth to maturity increases with about one third.

With the help of the intelligence theory F it is explained how this phenomenon came about and it also shows that the current man could not have emerged with Darwinian evolution alone.

Theory F

The complete description of the theory is only available so far in script form in the Dutch language at zonder Handen geen Intelligentie (without Hands no Intelligence).

without Hands no Intelligence

There are three articles that describe the main principles of the theory and is available here.