We are our hands

This gave rise to the first hominids who yielded Homo sapiens, still in East Africa. They got bored of their habitat and started exploring the world. Those who came to Western Europe found the right habitat that formed them to the present Western man.
It was even so that mankind formed its own habitat since the middle ages. Because of the long coastline which spans Europe, the ocean shipping came to a high prosperity in Western-Europe. That was the start of conquering the whole world and the construction of the steam engine that annunciated the industrial age.
Looking back there is only one possible conclusion: the ability to invent new manipulations with an advantage is the essential property that transferred an animal with hands to a human being. It is an ability that is of the same order as the ability of animals to reproduce themselves.
The hands played a decisive role. They are, as it were, the extensions of our brain.

It is even so:
We are our hands

It can be summarized in:

The core of theory F

In nature a self reproductive animal originated that could develop through the doctrine of Darwin to higher life forms. Besides that reproductive ability, there was a second power: an ability to event new manipulations with an advantage.
That ability is called: intelligence in theory F. Applying a new manipulation, however, was subject to two conditions:

  1. the available attributes to apply the new manipulation.
    With attributes is meant: hands, legs, toes, vocal cords, claws, beaks, lips, tongues and such.
  2. the habitat of the animal

The welfare of an animal grew more in an evolutionary sense the more he became involved in more favorable circumstances 1 and 2. That second ability was virtually the guide line that lead animals with hands to the man. Without this guideline mankind would not have originated.

The main idea behind theory F is:

A member of a species cannot devise more than
the body can manage and his habitat allows.